Halifax to Toronto

Hey everyone!  Lindsay here!  I am coming to you today with some super exciting news!  I will be travelling to Toronto THIS FRIDAY (April 7th) to attend Canadian Music Week, as well as work with some amazing artists and to play some great gigs at venues I have never played at before!  I am taking this trip without the band for now.. as I would like to set up a for sure plan for the entire band to join me in Toronto in the fall.  I will be in Toronto for about two months… and then I will be back in the Maritimes for our annual festival tour!  We’ve got a lot of things on the go right now… with the amazing live show taping we did a few weeks ago at The Carleton to an out-the-door audience… we are planning planning planning on how we will unleash this beautiful madness to you all!  Please stay tuned for further information!

With that, I will grace you with the first festival lineup we’ve been announced on!  Midsummer Madness!  We had so much fun at this festival last year and we are beyond excited to join in on it again!

I will be keeping in touch with you all through this blog during my travels in Toronto!  I am so freaking excited!!  It has been 2 whole years of the band never being apart.. so this is somewhat of a crazy time for us… but I know deep in my soul that this is the right move as it is important to me to expand my music throughout Canada, not just in Halifax.

Talk to you all soon!
Love always,


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