hihHey everyone.  Today I write to you from a place of peace.  I write to you as a person who has gone through some crazy situations in their life, and has come out on top.. continuing to rise above.  These last two years have been nothing short of amazing, intense, negative at times, but also one of the greatest blessings I will ever receive.

Ever since I was a young singer, I wanted to start a band like Janis Joplin.  She was always my inspiration from a young age.  So, when I got out of Music College with the skills to run a band – I did it.  And I went big.  I didn’t just create a 4 piece band… I created a 9 piece band, because that is what I wanted.  Two guitars, bass, drums, 3 piece horn section, 6 part vocal harmonies – we had it all.  It was my greatest dream to date, and it happened.  I fucking did it.. and in two years, I made a lot happen for us.  But during those two years, I was growing up, learning new things, ignoring other things – I was going through my early 20’s like any human being should.  Maybe I got a little crazier than some.. but hey, I’m an artist – we’re supposed to be insane, right?  haha  Below you can check out the first released video from our Live Show Taping @ The Carleton back in March!

Either way, over the two years of being with my band, I made some decisions that weren’t exactly healthy for myself, or the people who were in my band with me.  I’ve got to be honest with you all because I want you all to know why I’m where I’m at right now.  So when I had the chance to move to Ontario and create a life for myself away from all of my vices, I took it and ran.  I had plans on coming back… but it became clear to me that if I were to move back – I would fall into the same old habits that I had become accustomed to in Halifax.  It has nothing to do with my city.  I love Halifax and I will be returning.  Halifax gave me so much and it is my place of birth.. I know it like the back of my hand.  But the opportunity that I saw in Ontario was much greater.  Ever since I was 10 years old I wanted to move to Ontario to pursue my music.. and I knew that in the coming years it would happen – I just didn’t know when and who it would be with.  For the last two years I assumed that this move would be with my band – but as time moved on and situations changed, here I am – in Ontario, going back to my solo roots.

You see – some of you may not know this, but I started out as a solo musician.  I have been performing since the age of 10 years old and I picked up the guitar at age 12.  After that, I started playing local bars, participated in competitions (one of them being the 2013 ECMW Battle of the Bands where I took home 1st place!), and went into NSCC Music Arts with performance, songwriting, & recording experience behind me.  I came into that program as a strong artist, but I soon failed due to my lack of drive to do the school work portion.  What I did gain from my time in the program is even more performance experience than before, connections, & skills on how to make connections within the local industry and beyond.  Not all was lost, I learned a lot and made amazing friends and connections for life.  I also learned music business from an amazing teacher that has gotten me to where I am today.  I may go back to complete the program someday, but for now I think I’m fine.

Either way – now I’m here.  In Ontario, alone.  No band to back me up… just me and my guitar.  I gotta say – the firs two months I was here it was truly terrifying.  I didn’t want to accept that it was best for me to part ways with the band for the moment.  As well as we had to cancel all of our NS & NB festival dates for this summer because it is truly not a healthy environment for me to be in at this point in my life.  But with time, the band now understands what it is I am doing.  So I wouldn’t say that Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic is over – I’m saying that we are on a hiatus.

With that – it is now time that I return all of my social media back to Lindsay Misiner.  I will still be leaving all of my bands content on this website and on our other pages – but I need to take this step forward and the band understands.

So welcome to the newly revised LINDSAY MISINER website!!!!!!  I am so excited to move forward in my journey and experience the amazing music scene that ALL of Ontario has to offer!  Below are some self portraits I snapped yesterday while I was in Downtown Toronto.



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