LINDSAY MISINER.pngWOW WOW… OH WOW!!!  I got one of the best calls of my life today.  I have made it to the 2nd and final round of the HoneyJam Canada Female Concert!!!  Hundreds of auditions throughout Canada… and me… Lindsay Misiner made top 15.  This is surreal.  I am so honoured and grateful to have been chosen.

I have already won some life changing prizes through just making it to the second round… but it doesn’t stop there!  I have a lot of opportunity waiting for me on the other side of July and I am BEYOND excited.

I will be performing in the final concert on August 24th @ The Mod Club Theatre in Downtown Toronto.  Tickets are $20 and the venue is stellar.  I am so honoured.

Out of all of Canada… I’m in the top 15.  I’m laying in my bed writing this blog post shaking.  I am so excited to represent Nova Scotia, my beautiful home.


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