Take Your Time

Hello everyone!  Today I’ve recorded a simple little video of me singing my tune “Take Your Time” which highlights the fact that over everything else, love is the best thing in life and sometimes we may forget that… but when we come back to love.. it’s ALWAYS better than anything negative.  This message has saved my life – and I hope that maybe it can help others as well.  This song can be relatable to anyone who has dealt with ANYTHING negative and is looking to conquer it.  The title “Take Your Time” comes from the fact that sometimes… I know I have… we rush things.  It is important to realize that fixing mistakes takes time.  Mistakes seem to be made instantaneously.. but fixing them comes with great patience, hard work, and taking your time.

As for what’s up with me…  I’ve got an insane two months coming up and I am BEYOND excited!  Coming up this July I will be in and out of Toronto doing a bunch of conferences & visits to different places around TO with HoneyJam, I will be returning to Halifax and playing TWO gigs… as well as I’ve got some stuff happening as soon as I return back to Ontario.

For now I’ll leave you with the upcoming gigs.. I hope to see you @ some of them!

JULY 2017
LINDSAY MISINER @ The Anchor ft. Nico Zacariah Solo!
July 27th, 2017 ~ 8pm
The Anchor, Dutch Village Road, HALIFAX

LINDSAY MISINER @ THE CARLETON w. Mellodora & Taryn Dene
August 2nd, 2017 ~ 8pm
The Carleton, Halifax, NS

August 18th, 2017 ~ 9pm
Skyland Club, St. Catharine’s, Ontario

August 24th, 2017 ~ 8pm
The Mod Club Theatre, Toronto, Ontario


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