HoneyJam 2017

19884168_1531876050220321_469433957464201747_n.jpgI am so honoured and grateful to have been chosen to participate in HoneyJam 2017 at The Mod Club Theatre in Toronto this August.

With HoneyJam I get to take part in some amazing opportunities, including the chance to

  • attend a free music industry workshop at Harris Institute
  • receive one-on-one vocal and performance coaching from celebrity coach Elaine Overholt of Big Voice Studios
  • have their original songs played on Radio
  • promotion on Honeyjam.com for 1 year
  • participate in a mentor cafe
  • participate in a presentation and tour of the youtube/Google offices
  • attend a presentation and tour of the Junos/Caras/Music Cares Office

As well as I will get the chance to perform my song “Just To Have You With Me” with the amazing house band.  I have never worked with a band outside of Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic on my original music so this is definitely an exciting thing for me!  I love hearing what other people have to say about my music, as well as everyone in the house band is a professional working musician – so I’ll definitely be picking their brains!

I also recently found out that some of my family will be flying up from Halifax to see the show and that truly makes my heart melt!  I’ll have a piece of home in the audience which makes this experience all the better.

Thanks so much HoneyJam for allowing me to be a part of the family!  I can’t wait!

I also wanted to share some details on my trip to Halifax coming up in a few weeks!  I have two gigs booked at my two favourite local venues, with some amazing artists involved!  the union ofFirstly will be at The Anchor with my best friend Nico Zacariah, drummer of Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic.  He is new to performing solo, as well as I’ve never heard him do his thing yet so I am beyond excited and honoured that he has agreed to take part in this gig.  Something crazy about this gig is that I will be flying into Halifax as Nico is on stage!!  I have an airport pick up at the moment he gets on stage… and have to rush to the gig to make it there in time for my set.  I’ve never had to get off of a plane and play a gig immediately before.. so let’s just say I’m pretty excited to live the fast life.

Following this gig, I will be travelling to Prince Edward Island for my family reunion that only happens every 10 years – so it will be wonderful to see my entire massive family for a weekend of hay bale bonfires and BBQ!

Untitled design

Upon returning to Halifax, I will be going for an interview on GlobalTv Halifax to speak about HoneyJam and all of the amazing opportunities involved, as well as speak about the next gig that will be coming up the next night!

I have asked two amazing female vocalists from Halifax to join me in a night of acoustic joy at a place that has been extremely close to my heart the last two years: The Carleton Music Bar & Grill.  This place has been my home with Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic, as well as I lived above it for the last two years so I became pretty close with the staff.  Travelling home to Halifax for any amount of time just wouldn’t seem right without playing a gig @ The Carleton.

I have entitled this show “Goddess’ Of Halifax” as each of us are strong female vocalists and of course… strong women looking to inspire the world.  Featured will be me, of course, Jah’Mila, & Taryn Dene!  I have never had the chance to play a gig with Jah’Mila so I am super honoured to share the stage.  Jah'Mila.png

And when it comes to Taryn… we go way back.  A lot further back than most people realize.  We went to school together way back in elementary/junior high, and I always remember looking up to Taryn because she would always perform in the school talent shows and she had such a great voice at a young age!  Such amazing memories that I will carry with me for life!  I’m sure Taryn & I will always cross musical paths.

What makes this show even greater is that it will be all taped live by Michael Rodgers!  Michael does free filming for Nova Scotian artists and gives them the chance to have amazing promo material to further their careers.  I am so grateful that he has agreed to be a part of this night, as well as the two ladies that will be by my side!

You can check out any dates in Halifax/Ontario on my “Shows” page!
Love Always,




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