2019, that is all.

Hey ya’ll! What’s going on?! I hope all of my lovely people are well, cause I know I am! I have been working so hard to be the best human being and creator that I can be, and I feel that it’s finally paying off! It has been two years of finding myself deeply, and I now feel like I’m actually getting somewhere.

When I moved to Ontario two years ago I had just left my band, I was just starting out with my Sobriety, and I hadn’t really given myself the chance yet to actually understand who I even was. I thought I knew it all about myself, but two years later, I am coming to the realization that I had absolutely no idea who the hell I was. I only knew who I was trying to be, and it wasn’t working out. I think this caused me many issues in the past, and I’m happy that it all makes sense now because I have finally been granted the opportunity to move forward, in a positive way.

Though I am young, I have been through a lot. Over the years, I’ve had a tenancy to allow myself to fall into the “poor me’s” and the “I’m the only one going through this” mindset. This is one of the most dangerous mindsets that we can have, because in the end — we are hurting ourselves and the people around us on the constant. When we can break free from the chains of allowing ourselves to not move forward in any aspect of life with this mindset, this is when we will find the peace and serenity to be happy, and have a fulfilling life. I am no preacher, and I am still working on it — but I know that I’m a lot further than I was two years ago and I believe that it is important for me to share this with you all.

Photo by CHELL

It has been many years of working with bands and producers, trying to create the content that I want to represent myself with. This is a scary feat for me, as I will soon be releasing my first official content, and I am truly scared. I’m not scared in a way that is harming myself, but I mean — this is my first hello to the world with professional music, not just live gigs or videos. This is a big deal. This will be my first full body of work.

To anyone who has been around for a while, I’m sure you can see what I mean when I say I’m scared. How long have I been talking about this body of work? For a hot minute. I have struggled with finding the right people to work with, the right sound to go for (as I have a few sounds that I feel strongly about), etc. It has been tough (but not tough in a bad way, just all learning. Non stop learning). It can truly be scary, because I worry – what if it is not received well? But I have to remember that as long as it comes from the depths of my soul, I can do no wrong. It’s as plain and simple as that. Whether people like it or not is their choice, and there is nothing I can do to change or edit that. I have to make sure that I am always truthful in my music, and come at it with the big heart that I do have. I’ve got this.

Last weekend I attended the Remix Project Conference in Halifax. It was so amazing to have them come through to my beautiful city, and I’m super stoked that I got to head back for the conference. Halifax does not always get opportunities such as these, so it really means a lot to our Community when organizations like the Remix Project come through. I learned a lot, listened a lot, and met a lot of amazing people. I got the opportunity to make connections that I have never made before with Artists that reside in Halifax, it was a blessing and I am so excited to continue these connections.

I will chat with ya’ll soon.


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