Lindsay Misiner (12)With a roaring voice of haunting passion, there is no mistaking the talent that Lindsay Misiner holds within the palm of her hand.  With intense and truthful lyrics, her honesty and devotion to an intelligent lyric, in pair with her painfully pure moaning vocal is what makes her style so undeniably different.

The style that Lindsay embodies goes deeper than just her songwriting, as her live performances have a captivating nature and an element of vulnerability.  Full of soul, feeling, and electrifying vocals, Misiner will leave you feeling as if she has always known your life story.  There are no comparisons when it comes to Misiner.  As an artist, she stands on her own as a glorified soul creation of the past, present, and future.

Misiner came in quickly with her 9 Piece, self titled Psychedelic Soul Band Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic in 2015, and for two years they made a mark on the City of Halifax.  With a dedicated crowd at each show, as well as the ability to bring new people of all ages and interests out to each live performance, there was no stopping this radiating band.  As time went on, Lindsay got the opportunity to move to Ontario to pursue her solo career.  With plans of moving to Toronto her entire life to pursue music, it was hard for her to leave the band, but she couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  Misiner credits the band for being a driving force in her life, she says “Without them, I would never be the strong artist and Woman that I am today.”

Upon arrival to Ontario, she became a part of the 2017 Honey Jam Showcase.  Honey Jam allowed Lindsay to network with people in the industry and expand her knowledge & contacts in a city much larger than Halifax.  Honey Jam also gave her the opportunity to grow as an Artist while being around empowering Women in the business.

Lindsay has had a life-long passion for putting other musicians on stage.  Since the age of 18, Lindsay has organized numerous shows in Halifax at The Company House, The Carleton, Plan B & more.  Lindsay has worked as Social Media Coordinator/Music Coordinator for Niagara Falls non-profit organization, Niagara Arts Showcase, as well as organized concert “Stone Soup Stock” for the Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre.  Lindsay continues to grow her knowledge for event planning and Artist booking.

Along with these accomplishments, Misiner is currently in the works of putting together her debut EP.  Stay tuned to her blog for updates.

Lindsay is a natural born Soul Goddess with a message to share with the entire world.  She invites you along for the ride.


2017 Excerpt from The Chronicle Herald article, comments by Ebonnie Rowe, Creator of Honey Jam:

“I can already see how Lindsay’s been taking in and learning so much through the different workshops and experiences she’s had in just a month of being part of the Honey Jam program,” Rowe says.

“I know she’s going to wow the crowd at the concert and make a ton of industry connections that night that she will use to further her career. I see the fire in her belly and that’s essential to success. There are a million talented artists but not everyone has the determination and motivation to keep going through all the peaks and valleys.”

2016 Excerpt from review by Doug Taylor, Owner of Codapop Studios:

Lindsay Misiner isn’t like someone. She’s incomparable.  It’s as though Lindsay isn’t performing for you – she’s performing with you. And it takes no effort whatsoever.

2015 MYSTIC GROOVE EP Release:

Halifax singer Lindsay Misiner unleashes an intuitive blend of folk, soul, jazz and rock on her debut EP Mystic Groove, with a special release show Friday night at the Company House.

Performing with her band the 7th Mystic, Misiner has been honing her sound for a few years, developing a graceful and powerful vocal style that has been described as “a cross between Carmen Townsend and Amy Winehouse.”
Stephen Cooke, Chronicle Herald

2013 Review from ECMW:

“If there’s any comfort in the wake of the talent that we lose, it’s the knowledge that the region is brimming with gifted performers just waiting in the wings. At Wednesday night’s SoundWaves Concert at the Spatz Theatre, I heard Battle of the Bands winner Lindsay Misiner for the first time, and there’s no doubt that it won’t be the last. With an incredibly supple and soulful voice, she graced us with John Lee Hooker’s Boom Boom and some wise-beyond-her-years originals accompanied only by her guitar and a radiating vibe of peace and centred spirituality.

Yes, I know what that sounds like, and with waist-length hair and bell-bottom jeans Misiner looked like she just stepped off the stage at Woodstock, but she came across as the real deal, without a trace of artiface. My best description from my notes was “Carmen Townsend crossed with Amy Winehouse” so make of that what you will.”  -Stephen Cooke, Chronicle Herald



     Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic is a 9 piece, Halifax-based Psychedelic Soul band featuring local soul/jazz singer-songwriter Lindsay Misiner.  With an eclectic group of musicians hand picked by Lindsay for their devotion to a solid and mind-gripping sound, together, their music will move up your spine and open your heart to a new world of sound.  With their first EP “Mystic Groove” under their belt, Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic have no plans on slowing down, and are currently in the works of creating a Live album, scheduled to tape on March 10th 2017, released in the coming months.  The band is an example of love, togetherness, and trust, and to see them play live is more than a soulful treat!

2016 Review by Doug Taylor, Owner of Codapop Studios:

Lindsay Misiner isn’t like someone. She’s incomparable. But if I were to describe what it feels like to see and hear her perform with The 7th Mystic, it would be something like this. Imagine that you’ve just worked a grueling 10-hour boxing day sale in a big box store. You punch the clock and as soon as you step out the front door you are beamed to an island oasis where you are greeted by the most welcoming, life-loving folk you’ve ever encountered. Suddenly, where there was the black hole of chaos and ambition, there is the falling leaf of inclusion and peace and radiant energy. It’s as though Lindsay isn’t performing for you – she’s performing with you. And it takes no effort whatsoever.

2016 The Carleton Website:

Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic is an 8 piece, Halifax-based, Psychedelic Soul band featuring singer/songwriter Lindsay Misiner’s powerhouse vocals. Her band features an eclectic group of talented musicians, hand-picked for their great devotion to a solid, mind gripping, sound and together their music will move up your spine and open your mind – as the name suggests! Feel it!