Waiting for the moment to Arise

from left; Chris Robinson, Steve Mustain, Lindsay Misiner, & Jeffrey Miller

As musicians, especially musicians who are just starting out.. we are always waiting for moments to arise.  Constantly on the look out for new people to share our art with, constantly trying to get as many gigs as possible to get ourselves out there.. and just never stopping, causing moments to arise that can change your musical life for the better.

So, the Steve Mustain band just wrapped up our gig at the Company House last night.  It was wonderful!  I find this song relates to the paragraph above.  Check it out below.  It is called ‘Waiting for the Moment to Arise”, written by Steve Mustain himself! 🙂  Such an honour to play with these guys, seriously.  Not only to I get to be featured on a few of his songs for myself – but I’m getting the experience of being a background vocalist which I have never really done before.  Such a great learning experience!

Check me out in the SIRENS 2015 fundraiser gig this Sunday coming up at 4pm!  I’ll be playing a great little solo show along with some other amazing women in music!  The gig is three nights, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  (Click the pic for the facebook page)  Event is in support of Camp Courage!
sirens 2

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Week of CoHo

View More: http://sarahbrynnedavison.pass.us/lindsayfeb24I’ve got to be honest – before last night’s show at the Company House opening up for The Dang Danglers & Old Man Coyote – I was extremely nervous.. and here is why:
My whole musical life so far, I’ve been a solo artist.  I taught myself how to sing and play guitar.. and that is exactly what I did.  People liked it, sure.. but I still hadn’t developed a “craft” yet.  I was still relying on my not-so-intelligent songwriting and my not-so-great guitar skills.  They were alright, sure!  Enough to get me along.  But still, no craft.

I had been playing for years, and when I got into Shambhala school (Highschool) I started practising with a band weekly and playing two shows a year with that band at the school.  This is what blossomed me into a performer.  But still, though I had definitely grazed upon it, I was still confused, if not oblivious to this “craft” that artists seemed to have.

Throughout my five years at the Shambhala school, I grew as a person so hugely, and eventually I did find my craft within music.  I know that this stems from the great support that my Shambhala family gave to me, and the undeniable intelligence that they allowed me to learn from them.  To be here now, to respect others & yourself, to be basically good (because who isn’t?), love nature.. you are a part of it!  And music… our universal language!   This all comes through in my songwriting, and always will.  I live by these things and when I perform live, it is all that is important to me.  Staying connected with everyone through a gift that I have been given to speak to people on a non-judgemental level.  I am so grateful.

After Shambhala, I moved on to NSCC to study Music Arts.  I’m still here now.. so I’m going to start writing in the present.  hahaha.  Hey.. how you doin’!!?  So yes… with six months of Music Arts down my sleeve and 12 months left to go to be completely graduated – I am left with many options.  I get the opportunity to play in ensembles with my great friends and musicians in my course, all led by accomplished local musicians in their rightful genre.  I can chill out as a solo artist, continue to write and perform, sharing that love!  I can join a band outside of my school ensembles and do some lovely doings… OR… I can just do all of it.  And that is where I am at in my music right now.  Trying to branch out in every direction.  With that can sometimes come confusion and frustration.  Sometimes I feel like I don’t know which way I  need to go to be heard.  I feel like I am so confident and radiant with a band, but solo I can also completely captivate an audience on a personal level and that is what attracts me so much to it.  So back to the main point, I was nervous because I felt like I was a boring solo artist opening up for two loud and exciting bands.  Turns out… I was totally wrong and everyone was totally into it.  It was a nice mood to start the evening, and it opened up my eyes to the fact that hey… you’re not so bad after all, kid.  haha, which reminds me of this great great man I know, who’s actually the leader of my NSCC Blues ensemble & to me, the most talented musician ever (seriously, no kiss ass), Bill Stevenson.  The other day he told me… “Kid, ya got the chops but you’re so damn lazy!”  haha, he’s so true!  That’s in the changing process though!

So with all of that, COME AGAIN COME AGAIN this SATURDAY, 7pm, $10, THE COMPANY HOUSE (CoHo) to see me perform with Steve Mustain ~ Folk & Roots music with a world/latin feel!  You can check out & invite yourself to the facebook page HERE!
cooho1What is so great about the wonderful music that Steve composes is the pure, fine lined artistry of each piece.  There is no mistaking his well thought-out chord progressions.  With each chord is a new beginning that mends perfectly with the last, and each word, each phrase written in a song flows so respectfully into the next.  He is a gifted musician and I am so grateful to have had him as a music teacher in highschool, but to now get the chance to experience him in this light.. and to have the opportunity to perform with him.. how great is that!  Our band consists of Steve Mustain, Guitar & Lead Vocals, Chris Robinson, Guitar & BG vocals, Jeffrey Miller, Stand up Bass & BG Vocals, and finally… me!  I’m on BG vocals and some lead vocals!  Here is a small taste of me singing with the band at a gig we did a few months ago!  The recording is a little choppy.. but the point is there!  Hope to see you at the gig this Saturday!  It is truly a wonderful time!  And hey – it’s early so you can go drinking afterwards. 🙂

It truly feels like I’m spending a week at the Company House!  I love the venue so much… my oh my!  The sound is great, the room is great, the people are great… I love it.  Here are some pictures from last night by my amazing friend and partner in art, Sarah Davison.

See more HERE!

I’m also playing this wonderful show coming up the first weekend in March!  I was given the opportunity by two wonderful women, Katey Day and Lisa Comeau-McDow!  Thanks ladies! 🙂  I am performing on the Sunday instalment at 4pm! 🙂  I’ve never played at Monte’s so I’m excited to check it out!  More info coming soon!
sirenThanks for reading!  I hope to see you out at a show soon!  And if so.. come up and say hello!!!!!  🙂
Much love,

Scores & Gigs!

Tomorrow I get the lovely opportunity to perform at my first house gig!  I am so excited!  The mom of one of my best friends Greg, Donna, asked me if I’d like to perform at her mothers birthday gathering as a surprise because her mother loves my music!  How beautiful is that!! 🙂  I am so honoured that they asked me to perform tomorrow… so lovely!

I have also just composed my very first full score of an original piece.  I started writing it the other day on an old broken down piano, and I just couldn’t get it out of my head.  So, as soon as I got access to my computer I started writing it in a notation program and woo!!!  I’ve now got keys, bass, horns & hopefully more if I can think of it!  It is truly so wonderful to be a musician!  It’s a blues/jazz tune called “Keep on Movin’ On” !  Haven’t written lyrics yet.. but I’ve got a lot in mind.

And hey.. while you’re here…. NEXT TUESDAY, 8PM, COMPANY HOUSE, $5 ~ Check me out opening for The Dang Danglers & Old Man Coyote !  Should be a wonderful show!  And it’s been so long since I’ve opened up for someone acoustically.  It feels great.

And while you’re still at it…. after you’ve come to Tuesday’s show… check me out again at the Coho the following Saturday singing background vocals & a few tunes with the Steve Mustain band!
Much Love,

Studio & some shows!

1541Last night I got the wonderful opportunity and learning experience to go into the NSCC Studio (again!  yay.. so fun to be able to experience such a great place!) and record with some guys in the Recording Arts Program!  They need to record so many songs a semester, so this time around, my friend Nathan asked me to come in and write some vocals on it!  They are all so kind and fun to be around!  We are all like-minded people so we get along great and create wonderful things together!

154Above we have Arthur, Jayson, & Nathan!  The NSCC studio is truly beautiful and it is such a privilege to have access to such a place… (for free)!!  Like what the hell is this world!  I guess it’s not really for free if you count the fact that you pay to go to school – but it feels free and in the long run would definitely be a lot cheaper than renting out a studio.. so hey!  And it’s just as good, if not better than any studio around here so we are all flying pretty high on that one!

I have a few shows coming up in the next few weeks… so let’s just take a lil look into what they are.  It is always the greatest pleasure to have someone ask me to play a show!  Honestly, that will never stop making me feel happy because it tells me I’m doing what I’m doing for a reason, and that I’m doing it right.

 Lindsay Misiner Opening for Old Man Coyote &The Dang Danglers
February 24th, 2015 ~ 9:00pm
The Company House, Halifax, NS
See Event Page Here!!

Lindsay Misiner with Steve Mustain
Roots with a World music feel!
February 28th, 2015 – 7:00pm
The Company House, Halifax, NS
See Event Page Here!!

A lil studio selfie!

Nobody’s Fault But Mine

If you know anything about the Blues, you know that simplicity and truth is where the heart lies.  You know that if there ain’t no conviction, what the hell are you doing?  You know that to sing an old religious blues classic from the 20’s/30’s, to embody people who were slaves walking down the railroad tracks, never stopping, constantly moving forward to make the future better for their loved ones and everyone to come after them – you know that these songs have to be sung with the utmost respect.  You can’t relate to anything that has happened outside of your own life.  The only way you can relate in any sense is to draw from your own experiences, but not in a selfish way.  In a way that makes sense to the truth of the piece.  Well, here it is.  Here is my conviction.

My NSCC Blues Band “MESSAGE FROM MEMPHIS” had a great gig with two other ensembles tonight, but because we live in this wonderful city of Halifax (no hate, I love my home) and it loves to snow & rain… it has been postponed to April 9th.  I’ve got a few more gigs lined up and I’m trying my best to keep them coming!  Gotta get this Halifax scene on the Lindsay Misiner tip!!  hahaha

Much love,

StART Festival 2015

10532756_637260986419549_10439662470187634_nThis weekend I had the opportunity to play in the StART Festival.  It is an annual all-arts youth festival held at the Bus Stop Theatre in Halifax.  It supports young local talent and presents the opportunity to perform in a live venue.  A lot of the people that performed had never performed in front of an audience before which made me extremely happy.  I have been performing since I’ve been 11 or 12, so for me, it was another great opportunity to share my music.. but for some artists it was a whole new world and that is truly magical.  I hope to be invited back next year!  That would be lovely.  The festival is only in it’s second year, but I believe that it will eventually grow into something that is a strong part of the arts community in Halifax forever.  I am so thankful to have been a part of this!  And a shoutout to the wonderful people who ran the fest!  You are all so kind and wonderful. 🙂  Check out a part of my performance below.  It is me doing what I like to call a “Blues, Jazz and Psychedelic Improv Piece.”

Hope you enjoy it!

Mel HattieTo the right is a wonderful photo taken by Mel Hattie.  Lovin’ it!!  Will add the rest to the bottom of this post when I get them!

Something that I noticed with being in a small space like the Bus Stop Theatre is that each night, the crowd was unbelievably different.  Of course the energy would be different because of the different people… but I noticed what a difference it made with my performances.  On the first night, the crowd was extremely receptive and giving.  As you can tell in the video above, they laughed at nearly everything I said.  I didn’t think I was very funny, but apparently they were laughing because I’m so cute!  haha, clearly they don’t know me! 😉  Anyways, I noticed that with my performance on the second night, not only was the audience bigger and the lights dimmed lower – but the whole energy was shifted from hot to cold.  And I don’t mean that in a bad way at all… they were a wonderful audience.. it just made me a little bit more nervous, created a bit of tension in the air which of course, is really kind of wonderful.  There was suspense, for sure.  But I did feel a little off on the second night.  Not that it was the audiences fault at all… of course not – I just wasn’t on my game as much as I would have liked to be.  But that’s ok… we have our good days and we have our so-so days.. it’s all a learning process.

So on this last note I would just like to say a huge thank you to anyone who has ever or continues to support me and my music.  It’s all I’ve got.. and all I want to ever have.  Thank you for opening your minds and your ears – i’ve been heard and so have you.

With that.. I say goodnight, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, or whatever else can be to you.
Much love,

Runnin’ Wild

Check out this extremely strange & fun video I made for my song “Runnin’ Wild” recorded at OmniArt Studios in Dartmouth, NS!

I wanted to go with something that would leave people questioning.  After all, how you present yourself as an artist always leaves a lasting impression.  So, with this video.. the message is “The veiling and unveiling of your own happiness and truth”  Make of that what you will – but really, I’m just advocating my true strangeness.  It’s fun to create an empire around your own comfortability and enjoyment in doing weird things… at the end of the day you are much happier!

Photo on 2015-01-27 at 12.14 PMToday is a snow day for me…so I’m spending the day relaxing and doing wonderful vocal work (learning a German classical piece) and chilling with my dog.  Here is a super cute pic of him relaxing.  Isn’t he sweet!!  I have to say.. one of the greatest joys in my life is my dog!  He is the most sweet, tiny baby of life!

So with that, I hope you enjoyed the video and if it’s snowing where you are – have a great time making snow people and drinking warm drinks!  I’ve got some nice tea and a muffin here! 🙂

PS… check out this awesome Reggae track I’m featured on with my good friends Official Night Owls !!  Seriously love these guys so much!

Paul’s Hall with Steve Mustain + more

DSC_0116I played a wonderful gig tonight (really yesterday.. considering it’s 2am) with my highschool teacher Steve Mustain at a place called Paul’s Hall in St. Margaret’s Bay, NS!  I’ve played one other gig with him before back in November.  We play his original songs featuring Jeffrey Miller on bass, Chris Robinson on guitar, and me on background vocals.  It’s quite a wonderful quartet.. I must say.  We used to have a drummer, but he got a lil busy so we’ve started playing acoustically and it is quite beautiful.  We’ve got stand up bass, which is my favourite instrument ever… so I’d say it’s pretty hot.

DSC_0105It is so wonderful to play with other musicians!  Wow!  I’m sure any musician who has played with others can attest to that.  It’s great to play solo in front of a openly-receiving crowd.. but to have such an energy on stage, ready to fire out to the awaiting souls and minds… it is something truly special.  To be able to create sound in harmony with other humans.. it is inexplicable.  Especially when you are close with the people you are playing with.  Check out a few tracks below from our live show!  Keep in mind that some tracks have bad sound.  But the point is there!

Ee Ay Foliayo

Waiting for the Moment to Arise (Steve Mustain Cover, Me singing)

startI’m playing this lovely festival next Friday & Saturday (January 30th & 31st) at The Bus Stop Theatre here in Halifax.  Not really sure what to expect, and I am excited about that.  I know that it is an all-arts festival… so there will be so much creation happening in a very small space.  I am so grateful to have been chosen to play the festival!  It will be a wonderful time and I’d love it if you came out!  (yes you…!)

I’ll take this time to introduce you to this cute little video my friend & I shot the other day.  It features my original song “I’m So Troubled” and me running around my school NSCC just being my crazy self!  Originally, we recorded me singing a completely different song and some serious video footage of me being all straight-faced.  But then, as the night went on and we began to edit.. I realized I just wasn’t into it.  So, I took all of the footage of me being crazy and put it to this song which I never thought I would release… at least for a bit.  But, it worked out quite well!  I wanted something better than a crappy webcam video of me singing… but I also wanted to stick to something super casual… which this definitely is!  Check it out below!

I’m playing a few more shows this month which you can check out HERE!  And then some in February.. I am trying my best to do well in school, but along with that I really need to try my best to use these next two years as prime networking time.  So… included in that networking is gigging constantly.  Never stopping.  For a while, I lost the motivation to gig.  Not because I didn’t want to… of course I did.. it’s all I know and love how to do!!  It’s just… sometimes I got discouraged because it can be hard to play solo when everyone else is playing with a band.  I sometimes felt less-than because I would always play gigs solo.  I stopped writing music for a few months too… I still sang all of the time and wrote songs in the air.. but I stopped writing things down and just lost myself for a bit.  Now – it feels better than ever to be doing music every day in school, along with playing gigs.  I will keep it up!  It is so important.

I’m working on getting a band together so that we can gig constantly in the summer… so pay attention for that!  It will be an 8+ piece band by the time I get all of the members and we will play blues, jazz, funk, psychedelic, etc. music!  I’ve got some pretty amazing musicians lined up…. can’t wait to present it!

Thanks for reading.  I know it was long… but I always have so much to say! 🙂

Peace & Love