Paul’s Hall with Steve Mustain + more

DSC_0116I played a wonderful gig tonight (really yesterday.. considering it’s 2am) with my highschool teacher Steve Mustain at a place called Paul’s Hall in St. Margaret’s Bay, NS!  I’ve played one other gig with him before back in November.  We play his original songs featuring Jeffrey Miller on bass, Chris Robinson on guitar, and me on background vocals.  It’s quite a wonderful quartet.. I must say.  We used to have a drummer, but he got a lil busy so we’ve started playing acoustically and it is quite beautiful.  We’ve got stand up bass, which is my favourite instrument ever… so I’d say it’s pretty hot.

DSC_0105It is so wonderful to play with other musicians!  Wow!  I’m sure any musician who has played with others can attest to that.  It’s great to play solo in front of a openly-receiving crowd.. but to have such an energy on stage, ready to fire out to the awaiting souls and minds… it is something truly special.  To be able to create sound in harmony with other humans.. it is inexplicable.  Especially when you are close with the people you are playing with.  Check out a few tracks below from our live show!  Keep in mind that some tracks have bad sound.  But the point is there!

Ee Ay Foliayo

Waiting for the Moment to Arise (Steve Mustain Cover, Me singing)

startI’m playing this lovely festival next Friday & Saturday (January 30th & 31st) at The Bus Stop Theatre here in Halifax.  Not really sure what to expect, and I am excited about that.  I know that it is an all-arts festival… so there will be so much creation happening in a very small space.  I am so grateful to have been chosen to play the festival!  It will be a wonderful time and I’d love it if you came out!  (yes you…!)

I’ll take this time to introduce you to this cute little video my friend & I shot the other day.  It features my original song “I’m So Troubled” and me running around my school NSCC just being my crazy self!  Originally, we recorded me singing a completely different song and some serious video footage of me being all straight-faced.  But then, as the night went on and we began to edit.. I realized I just wasn’t into it.  So, I took all of the footage of me being crazy and put it to this song which I never thought I would release… at least for a bit.  But, it worked out quite well!  I wanted something better than a crappy webcam video of me singing… but I also wanted to stick to something super casual… which this definitely is!  Check it out below!

I’m playing a few more shows this month which you can check out HERE!  And then some in February.. I am trying my best to do well in school, but along with that I really need to try my best to use these next two years as prime networking time.  So… included in that networking is gigging constantly.  Never stopping.  For a while, I lost the motivation to gig.  Not because I didn’t want to… of course I did.. it’s all I know and love how to do!!  It’s just… sometimes I got discouraged because it can be hard to play solo when everyone else is playing with a band.  I sometimes felt less-than because I would always play gigs solo.  I stopped writing music for a few months too… I still sang all of the time and wrote songs in the air.. but I stopped writing things down and just lost myself for a bit.  Now – it feels better than ever to be doing music every day in school, along with playing gigs.  I will keep it up!  It is so important.

I’m working on getting a band together so that we can gig constantly in the summer… so pay attention for that!  It will be an 8+ piece band by the time I get all of the members and we will play blues, jazz, funk, psychedelic, etc. music!  I’ve got some pretty amazing musicians lined up…. can’t wait to present it!

Thanks for reading.  I know it was long… but I always have so much to say! 🙂

Peace & Love