Honey Jam is giving us the amazing opportunity to go on a trip to Barbados & to play in Honey Jam Barbados 2017!!!  Watch the video above to find out more!  I had a really great time making this video, as you can probably tell!!  Not only am I excited to possibly win the trip…. but I really love experiencing music from different places in the world so this opportunity has got me over the moon!

I will also be performing @ Mahtay Cafe in St. Catharines tomorrow night with Emma Lee Fleury!  You can view the event page HERE!
Mahtay Cafe (2)


Love Always,


What She Said!

Above is my full interview & performance on What She Said Talk on Jewel 88.5 Toronto from Sunday evening!  Thanks to the powerful women @ What She Said Talk, Christine & Kate for giving me this opportunity!

Speaking of powerful Women, I will be playing my 2nd gig at Mahtay Cafe in St. Catharines this Friday with Niagra Singer/Songwriter Emma Lee Fleury!  She is an extremely talented artist and I am honoured to share the stage with her, as well as meet her because I can already tell we’re going to get along very well through our messaging back and forth about the gig!  I am so very interested in meeting everyone in the St. Catharine’s Music Community so it’s always exciting for me to play a gig at Mahtay Cafe because it seems to be the hub for the Music Community here.
Mahtay Cafe (2).png

She has such a soft and enchanting voice!  Below is a small bio from our facebook event, as well as some links where you can see more of Emma:

Emma Lee Fleury is an earthling, musician and mixed media artist from niagara. Her band moonfox is an eclectic mix of strings and alt rock vibes.

Emma also sings and writes harmonies for Niagara band Fat Moth



Much Love Always,

It’s all UP from here!

The last few weeks have been crazy.  In a good way.  I’ve gotten amazing opportunities through Honey Jam including the concert, mentorship cafe, workshops and more.  LINDSAY MISINER (3)Also, I got the opportunity to have an interview on What She Said Talk Radio which will air TOMORROW NIGHT @ 10:50pm on Jewel 88.5 Toronto!  You can also live stream the show HERE if you can’t get the station.  In the interview I speak about Honey Jam of course, my band, as well as I play my tune “Just to Have You With Me”!  It was a great experience and following the radio show in the coming weeks I will have the full video to share with you guys!  I have always loved doing radio interviews, in fact – it’s one of my favourite parts about being a musician!  It is such a great way to reach people that may not have heard you before – as well as it’s a great way to get experience for the future.  As my career moves on I know radio interviews will become more prominent in my life and it is always important to be comfortable behind that mic!

I have also been planning my EP with YogiDaProducer!  We had a great skype meeting the other day and spoke about the release date, the sound I’m looking for, and we planned our first official writing/recording session for next week!  I am so excited to present you all with this project.  It is truly going to be the most beautiful piece of art I have ever created so far.  Every night I write ideas down.  I am practically living within this EP right now.  I need this to be amazing and I will not stop until its magical.

Along with that, I will be playing a gig here in St. Catharines next friday at Mahtay Cafe!  I had such a great time there back in July, as well as I got the opportunity to meet and play with Flynn & Ferrie – A Scottish trio on the end of a Canada-wide tour!  ROADTRIPThey were so kind and talented and they actually ended up staying overnight at my home.  Stay tuned in the coming months for a blog post featuring an interview with Flynn & Ferrie!  They had some great experiences on their tour and I’m super excited I got to sit down with them and get some tips for other musicians, including myself, who are looking to go on tour!  I also got the opportunity to have an interview with Spirit of The Wildfire from Nova Scotia who were stopping by for their tour a few weeks ago,  which will be coming in the coming months as well!  They were in the middle of their tour when they were in St. Catharines playing with me – so it’ll be interesting to compare the two perspectives of tours between Flynn & Ferrie and Spirit of The Wildfire!

You also may have noticed that I’ve been using the same photo for my blog cover and most of my promo lately!  This photo is from a shoot I did back in Halifax with Sarah Davison.  The shots are timeless and I just can’t get away from them!  They were actually taken in front of a cherry blossom tree in front of Mt. St. Vincent University!  You’d never know that was the location, as well as someday we do hope to re-create this photoshoot.

I will be working with some writers in the coming weeks to get my songwriting to the next level, as well as currently I am immersing myself in every style of music to get the best idea of what exact sound I want for the EP.  Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks on shows, the EP, as well as anything else that’s happening with me!  It’s all up from here, folks!

I’ve also come up with a logo.  Check it out below!


Honey Jam Concert


Wow!  The Honey Jam Concert was absoloutely amazing!!  I am so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to play on the Mod Club Theatre stage with 15 other amazing women!  It was such an honour to be a part of this showcase.  I could not be more grateful.  Please stay tuned for the professional video of my performance in the coming weeks!

I will be making an appearance on “What She Said Talk” Wednesday the 30th at 11am which you can catch on air on 88.5 Jewel Radio Toronto, Sept. 10th – 10:50pmLINDSAY MISINER (3).png

Not only that, but I will be having my FIRST EP recording session following my “What She Said Talk” interview on Wednesday with YogiDaProducer!!  I am so very excited to get this project going and I’ve got some amazing Scotian minds ready to pounce on the magic and get it going real good.  I can’t wait to show you all the sound I’ve been dreaming of.

Love always,

Chronicle Herald Article

Screenshot 2017-08-23 11.53.22.pngYou can read my article in The Chronicle Herald here:

“My higher goal with this music thing is to help people and give back and you can’t really do that unless you have the ‘power.’ That’s what I’m gunning for. That’s why I’m here. Within a month of being in Toronto I’m already in Honey Jam and being accepted in the industry — sitting at tables with managers and artist and repertoire reps — where in Nova Scotia I’d been trying for six years.”

“Her passion came through when she sang,” says Rowe. “She had a powerful voice and commanded the stage, and had a completely different style than any of the other artists trying out.”

Can you believe that The Honey Jam Concert is TOMORROW!!!!!!  I am heading in for my rehearsal @ The Rehearsal Factory today!! Stay tuned for updates!


Hey everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that there was a little bit of miscommunication with The Chronicle Herald and my article will be out THIS COMING WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23RD!!!  So… if you didn’t get a chance to grab a copy today that’s fine because now you can plan your new pick up route.  Sometimes these things happen.
Something I wanted to share with you all is how I dealt with the situation.  When I woke up this morning at 8am I went right to the Chronicle Herald website searching for my article and it wasn’t there.  I just assumed they hadn’t updated it online yet so I called my dad and he told me I wasn’t in it.  I started to panic a bit because Honey Jam is this THURSDAY and I had it in my head that The Chronicle Herald only printed on Monday, so I thought my chance was lost.  As well as I had been posting this on all of my social media platforms for the last two weeks pretty well so I immediately felt embarrased.  I quickly wrote the writer of the article that it wasn’t in today’s paper and he found out that it will be in on Wednesday – so all I did was let every social media outlet know that there was a miscommunication and it will be out on Wednesday.  I freaked out for a little bit… but I soon realized that I hadn’t missed my chance and that yes – it may feel embarrassing to post something on social media that doesn’t happen when you say it will – but this situation was out of my control and it was not embarrassing.  I did the best I could with what I had and that’s all that matters.  The reason I tell this story is because this situation can apply to many different scenarios in life and it is always important to remember to not put yourself down!!  As long as you do the best with what you have and what you know.. that’s all that matters!  Just keep doing your best!
Natural Body Scrub150ml - 5.07oz.png

I also have to say OMG WOW OMG!  THE HONEY JAM CONCERT IS IN 3 DAYS!!!  I can’t believe it!  We have been through so many amazing opportunities together and I have made some amazing friends!  I will be doing my rehearsal with Michael Sonnier on Wednesday and then my Mom & Sister will be travelling to Toronto on Thursday.. the day of the show!  I am so excited!!!  As well as I know I am in the Honey Jam family for life and I am so grateful that I was chosen for this opportunity!
20246392_1243102692502039_2536726743722133275_nI also had the opportunity to meet Jessie Reyez on Sunday, thanks to Honey Jam and DAIS Creative space!  It was amazing to meet her as just a few short years ago she was in the same spot as me.. and look at her now!  She is playing award shows/talk shows all over the place and she just simply can’t be stopped!  Her main tip was keep grinding, keep networking… don’t stop!!  You can do whatever it is that you want to accomplish and that means a lot coming from a female singer from Canada because it solidifies the fact that its true.  You truly can do whatever you want to do you just have to put the effort in.

So very exciting!

Natural Body Scrub150ml - 5.07oz.jpgI will be featured in The Chronicle Herald this coming Monday, August 21st with an interview by Dave Lidstone!  We had a great interview over the phone where I spoke with him about my entire life story, basically… as well as spoke about Honey Jam and the amazing experiences we’ve had thus far. Make sure to grab a copy if you’re in Halifax.  Also, I want to put a huge thanks out there to Diane Foy for making this interview happen!

I would also like to mention that The Honey Jam Concert is 7 days away!!!!  Can you believe it!  All of this build up is almost here!  My Mother and Sister are flying out, as well as my boyfriends Mother has stayed in Ontario for another whole week on vacation just to see me.  Not to mention many other family members on both sides of the family are making their way to the show.  I am so blessed.


I am so very excited for The Honey Jam concert.  In about two weeks, myself and 14 other amazing ladies will grace the stage @ The Mod Club Theatre in Toronto.  I could have never imagined that I would be this far within 4 months of being in Ontario.

I want to be really honest with you all here, cause that’s just the kind of person I am.  Moving up here was really difficult for me.  Although I’ve wanted to move to Ontario since the age of 10, if not younger… a part of me honestly never believed it would happen so soon, as well as so abruptly.  I had been working so very hard with my band Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic for two whole years.  We had built a relationship that was truly irreplaceable.  Having a band with 9 people was always my dream.  I accomplished that dream.  Throughout our two years together we recorded an EP, we played a minimum of 3 gigs every single month, we went on a summer festival tour across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  We really did have an amazing two years, though there are still things I wish I would have done differently to get us further than we were.  We had a decent fan base in Halifax and before I left, we were beginning to pack venues out of the door.  I left them at a time where we had finally started to get the recognition we had been working for.  You can check us out below.  This video was filmed by Everett Stone and recorded by Kirsten Moore at The Carleton in March.  This was the show that was packed out of the door all night.  One of the greatest nights of my life, featuring one of the best songs we ever wrote “Be My Man”

When I left, things became really bad.  I was so devastated.  They were devastated.  As well as I thought I would be returning.  Some small piece inside of me wouldn’t let go of that fact.  I continued to book another summer festival tour and I continued to tell them I would be coming back.  After about a month of being here and them asking me “When are you coming back Lindsay, we have to start practising”, I finally made the decision that I wasn’t coming back.  I simply couldn’t, but I wasn’t happy here at that point.  I didn’t even know about Honey Jam, I had made all of these plans to play gigs that fell through, as well as I didn’t have a job so I was just laying in bed all day crying because I had left the love of my life, my band.  But again, there was a small piece of something inside of me that told me this was where life had to go.  The universe, God, Life, however you believe in a higher power had brought me here on nothing.  I truly had nothing other than my guitar, my best friend and boyfriend Jayl, 2 pairs of pants & a few shirts, and a drive to share my gift.  I still felt hopeless.  I felt as if I had just walked away from the greatest opportunity and gift of life into a massive province where I knew no one, especially anyone in the industry.  Though that small part of me knew I had made the right decision, more of me felt as if I had made the biggest mistake of my life.

These feelings went on for a few more weeks, and then Honey Jam liked one of my photos on Instagram.  I had vaguely heard about Honey Jam before, but it wasn’t something that was fully processed or embedded in my brain – I basically had no idea.  I immediately looked into it and realized auditions were the following week.  I had no money and managed to borrow some money to get there.  At that point I finally had a job, but had only been working at it for a week and a half so I hadn’t received my first paycheque yet.  I knew that this was my chance.  This was my opportunity to meet people with the same interests in me, as well as network and learn from people in the industry.  This was it.  I knew I had to make it through this showcase.  So, I left super early in the morning and got there at 10am.  The auditions were at 1pm.  There were 3 other people that had decided to show up early as well… I wasn’t the only crazy person, thank god!  lol.  I was audition #4 out of over 500 girls (rough estimate, I’m assuming).  When I got on stage my guitar wouldn’t work for some reason.  I was so annoyed because it ended up working for other people later, so I immediately regretted going so early.  I thought that there was no possibly way that they would remember me because I was #4 and I had the issues with my guitar not working.  So, I left immediately after I had auditioned and let it go.  I normally am not so easy to give up on hope, but I truly thought I bombed that audition.  Although when I came off stage, one of the judges/mentors Eric Alper told me I was really good.  So that stuck with me and I held on to that fact.

Then, one day I was sitting at work (where we’re obviously not allowed to use our cellphones) and my phone rang with a Toronto number.  I leaned under my desk and answered the phone.  It was Ebonnie, the creator of Honey Jam.  She told me I had made it through.  I wanted to scream, but I was still in training which took place in a classroom… so I had to say ok thank you so much I am at work I will call you back.  And she said no, I will just be sending you emails with details.  I finally got to thank her later when I returned home… but let me tell you.. as soon as I got the call I “went to the bathroom” and called every important person in my life and told them.

This was all the beginning for me here, in Ontario.  I finally felt and knew that things had started.  I finally realized 100% that though I was still devastated to be away from my band, my solo career was truly the right path for me.  You can check out my Global Tv Halifax feature below where I speak about Honey Jam.

With Honey Jam over the last two months I have had some of the most amazing and rewarding experiences of my life.  I have met 14 amazing female singers who have become friends, I have met and spoken with industry folk who I hope to work with in the very near future, I even got to meet and speak with Letoya Luckett.  Who changed my life.

Now you may be wondering how she changed my life?  I am so excited to tell you.  As some of you may know, Letoya Luckett was in Destiny’s child in the “Bills, Bills, Bills” days.  She was in Destiny’s Child from the age of 12-18.  She didn’t exactly say why she was kicked out, but she mentioned that one day she was sitting in her room with all of her friends and the video for “Survivor” came on BET and she wasn’t in it.  She said she remembers the room going silent, but she didn’t shed a tear at that point.  She said she definitely shed some tears a few times, but she didn’t become bitter about it.  She grew from it.  She knew that God had plans for her and that she couldn’t allow herself to be broken by this because that would only be hurting herself.  They had moved on and she had to, too.  That she would get her glory, as well.  And she most definitely did.

After leaving my band, my greatest fear was that they would use the horn section from The 7th Mystic in the band Talea.  Ever since the 7th Mystic started out, Talea was always there.  They had begun before we did, but they had no lead singer.  Talea featured my two guitarists, James and Ryan.  At first they didn’t phase me, but then a few weeks after the 7th Mystic had begun, they decided that my BG vocalist Sam should be their lead singer.  This drove me absoloutely insane.  I hated the fact that they had a band with half of my band, including my BG vocalist.  Don’t get me wrong… Sam is an amazing singer and she deserves to be a lead woman… that’s not what I’m trying to downplay at all.  I was just so jealous and annoyed that I had a band that was similar to mine with the same members, minus 4.  For the whole two years, it always bothered me – but they never had horns.  Horns is what people would always flip their shit over.  Every time we would play to a new audience, all we had to do was get the horns going and they were instantly in love.  So, with that, in my jealous mind, I knew we always had a better lineup than Talea.  This was how messed up my brain was at that point.  I was so worried about being on top that it clouded my vision and caused me a lot of problems.

Either way, when I left the band to move to Ontario, as I said, I was absoloutely terrified that Talea would “take” my horns.  Now, I put the word take in quotations because they aren’t MY horns.  They are three talented musicians who play horns, who obviously want to play music.  They all enjoyed being in the band, therefore why wouldn’t they switch over and be a part of Talea if I wasn’t coming back.  But.. when I first found out about this I couldn’t handle it.  I absoloutely lost it.  I mean literally, lost my shit.  I sent some extremely violent messages to a few of my friends about this situation and actually ended up losing two friends over it.  I was so devastated that they had done this.  I truly can’t even explain how angry I was.

I held on to this anger for a while.  Then, Letoya Luckett said those words and I finally realized, wow.  Not only did I probably hurt them by saying some nasty things to them while I was angry, but I am really only continuing to hurt myself.  Every time they would post about it I would rage and just cry.  I hated myself for leaving them and I was jealous that they were continuing on without me.  A part of me wanted them to fail.  And that was really, honestly and truly, disgusting.  I am so thankful that Letoya’s words allowed me to let go.  So much so that I even mentioned them and congratulated them on my Global TV Halifax interview the other week (above).  This was my final step in letting go and actually being happy for them.  It took me a few weeks, maybe even two months honestly I can’t remember the timeframe of all of this going down – but when I was in Halifax I actually got to see Sam, the lead singer of Talea… and let her know how happy I am for them.  That was a huge part of letting go as well.  I also got to speak with my two guitarists James and Ryan about the fact that I have let go as well.

At this time, I still have some rocky relationships with others in the band.  It still pains me deeply, but there are many reasons why our relationships are this way and I do understand.  All I can do is continue to move forward and treat everyone with respect.

I am so grateful for so many things at this point.  I am grateful to be in a place in my life where I have priorities that do me good, not bad.  I am grateful to be a part of Honey Jam and to be in the beginning stages of getting my music career on the MAJOR go.  I am so grateful to have new friends here in Ontario.  I am grateful for my family’s support.  I am just so grateful.

With that, thank you so much for reading and thank you all for your support as well.  I would be nowhere today without all of the amazing people in my life and the selfless gifts that they have given me.

I will also end with sharing with you the wonderful video from Michael Rodgers (Maritimes on Stage) who came out and filmed our “Goddess’ Of Halifax” show last week! This is the same tune I played on Global Tv, but to explain a bit further than I did in my interview – I wrote this song when I first moved to Ontario. I was still extremely hurt and bitter, devastated to say the least. I will share and explain the lyrics below the video.

“Just To Have You With Me”

I’ve held on – but now I’m pullin’ back
Don’t need to bow down, to the words that I once said
I’m givin’ up – but I’m not givin’ it away
Don’t need to torture my soul with regrets of yesterday

But where do I go now, when the lights go out?
And who do I run to – when I’ve left it all scrambled about
And will you be there – when I come back, beggin’ for your love
Cause lately – that’s all I’ve been thinking of

Oh these twisted times have thrown us off the track
But don’t you depend on me – cause I ain’t coming back
I see clearer – now that I’m away
All of those promises they don’t mean nothing anyway

But where do I go now, when the lights go out?
And who do I run to – when I’ve left it all scrambled about
And will you be there – when I come back, beggin’ for your love
Cause lately – that’s all I’ve been thinking of

I don’t have to need you
And I don’t have to please you
I don’t have to be there when we fall down to our knees

But I’d do it all
Oh I’d do it all
Mmmm, I’d do it all

Just to have you With Me.


The song speaks of how I’ve held on for two years, but now I’ve left it behind. I don’t need to live up to the dreams I told the band we’d accomplish, though I want to, I can’t. I regret it, but I can’t torture my soul with that regret. I regret telling them I would carry them with me throughout my entire journey because when it came down to it, I truly couldn’t carry 8 people with me. Though when my career takes off, if they would like to, I will be taking them with me.

“But where do I go now, when the lights go out?
And who do I run to – when I’ve left it all scrambled about
And will you be there – when I come back, beggin’ for your love
Cause lately – that’s all I’ve been thinking of”

This speaks on how where will I go when we have finally separated, which we have at this point. Who do I run to? At that point I had left myself in a space where I didn’t have too many people who trusted me, or understood why I made this move. I felt alone. “Will you be there, when I come back, beggin’ for your love?” I always pray that someday, I will be able to speak with all of them and be great friends as we once were. Thank god I do speak with some of them now, but there is still that divide because of the things that happened. None of them are as close with me anymore as they were… but I hope that they will still be there when I return. Cause I love them, so deeply. Though at points I had a hard time showing it.

“Oh these twisted times have thrown us off the track
But don’t you depend on me – cause I ain’t coming back
I see clearer – now that I’m away
All of those promises they don’t mean nothing anyway”

Basically regurgitating the 1st verse. But also realizing that I am doing better for myself and for everyone by being away. At least, that’s how I felt at the time and I do still feel confident in that.

Then, the bridge.. which actually closes the song.
“I don’t have to need you
And I don’t have to please you
I don’t have to be there when we fall down to our knees

But I’d do it all
Oh I’d do it all
Mmmm, I’d do it all

Just to have you With Me.”

I always felt as if I wasn’t doing enough for my band. At the time that we were together I was going through a lot of personal issues and sometimes couldn’t extend myself as far as I had promised to. I also am still very hard on myself, though I do know deep down that I did do a lot for my band. In this bridge, I speak about how I don’t have to need them, I don’t have to be there for them, but I would do ALL of it… every single last part of it again just to be with them again and have things as they were.

Somewhat of a sad song, but really it is a song of letting go and moving on, as well as realizing the fact that these people that were in my band, James McClean, Ryan White, Ryan Willigar, Charlie Hewitt, Sam Reid, Nico Zacariah, Lukey Chisasson, Liam Ring – they are the most influential and important people I’ve ever had the gift of meeting in my life. They saved my life. Though it may have happened in a way that was kind of shitty. I will always love them more than I could ever love anything or anyone else. I don’t think they know that. But now they do.


On the Go in Halifax!

Wow!!  I have been having such a busy trip since I arrived in Halifax last Thursday!  I quite literally have not stopped.. and I’m loving it!!  I played my first show of the trip at The Anchor on Thursday night!  I was fresh off of the plane and had to get to the show within a one hour timeframe.  Then went to Prince Edward Island for my Family Reunion!  I had such an amazing time with the 200 people in my family!  YES… 200.  Possibly even more than 200.  It was so beautiful and calm there.

What I’m really here to speak with you about today though is my appearance on Global Halifax this morning!  I had such an amazing time speaking with Andrea Dion, who is so kind and knows how to conduct an interview!  You can catch the video below!  I also wanna give a shout out to my good friend Jacob Cross, CEO of Maritime Hustle!  As you can see I wore one of his beautiful T-shirts, representing the TRUE Nova Scotian.  You can check out his Facebook page HERE.



As you can tell.. I am so humbled, excited, and grateful to be a part of the 2017 Honey Jam Lineup. With that, I would love to show you a video from the Honey Jam Launch where we got the amazing opportunity to meet with and sing for Letoya Luckett!!

As well as you can catch me @ The Carleton Music Bar & Grill TOMORROW NIGHT, WEDNESDAY AUGUST 2ND with Jah’Mila, Stef Benac & Hannah MacMillan for “GODDESS’ OF HALIFAX” SHOW! It will be a phenomenal evening full of beautiful female talent!!!!  As well as the show will be taped live by Michael Rodgers for BellTV!!  So at the end of the month you will be able to find our performances on BellTV1 on your television, or
Jah'Mila (6).png

I truly hope to see as many familiar faces as possible at this show tomorrow night as I will be leaving Halifax the following morning at 8am so this is the best time for me to see everyone I miss so very much!

Thanks so much for reading and I thank you for the support!

HoneyJam 2017

19884168_1531876050220321_469433957464201747_n.jpgI am so honoured and grateful to have been chosen to participate in HoneyJam 2017 at The Mod Club Theatre in Toronto this August.

With HoneyJam I get to take part in some amazing opportunities, including the chance to

  • attend a free music industry workshop at Harris Institute
  • receive one-on-one vocal and performance coaching from celebrity coach Elaine Overholt of Big Voice Studios
  • have their original songs played on Radio
  • promotion on for 1 year
  • participate in a mentor cafe
  • participate in a presentation and tour of the youtube/Google offices
  • attend a presentation and tour of the Junos/Caras/Music Cares Office

As well as I will get the chance to perform my song “Just To Have You With Me” with the amazing house band.  I have never worked with a band outside of Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic on my original music so this is definitely an exciting thing for me!  I love hearing what other people have to say about my music, as well as everyone in the house band is a professional working musician – so I’ll definitely be picking their brains!

I also recently found out that some of my family will be flying up from Halifax to see the show and that truly makes my heart melt!  I’ll have a piece of home in the audience which makes this experience all the better.

Thanks so much HoneyJam for allowing me to be a part of the family!  I can’t wait!

I also wanted to share some details on my trip to Halifax coming up in a few weeks!  I have two gigs booked at my two favourite local venues, with some amazing artists involved!  the union ofFirstly will be at The Anchor with my best friend Nico Zacariah, drummer of Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic.  He is new to performing solo, as well as I’ve never heard him do his thing yet so I am beyond excited and honoured that he has agreed to take part in this gig.  Something crazy about this gig is that I will be flying into Halifax as Nico is on stage!!  I have an airport pick up at the moment he gets on stage… and have to rush to the gig to make it there in time for my set.  I’ve never had to get off of a plane and play a gig immediately before.. so let’s just say I’m pretty excited to live the fast life.

Following this gig, I will be travelling to Prince Edward Island for my family reunion that only happens every 10 years – so it will be wonderful to see my entire massive family for a weekend of hay bale bonfires and BBQ!

Untitled design

Upon returning to Halifax, I will be going for an interview on GlobalTv Halifax to speak about HoneyJam and all of the amazing opportunities involved, as well as speak about the next gig that will be coming up the next night!

I have asked two amazing female vocalists from Halifax to join me in a night of acoustic joy at a place that has been extremely close to my heart the last two years: The Carleton Music Bar & Grill.  This place has been my home with Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic, as well as I lived above it for the last two years so I became pretty close with the staff.  Travelling home to Halifax for any amount of time just wouldn’t seem right without playing a gig @ The Carleton.

I have entitled this show “Goddess’ Of Halifax” as each of us are strong female vocalists and of course… strong women looking to inspire the world.  Featured will be me, of course, Jah’Mila, & Taryn Dene!  I have never had the chance to play a gig with Jah’Mila so I am super honoured to share the stage.  Jah'Mila.png

And when it comes to Taryn… we go way back.  A lot further back than most people realize.  We went to school together way back in elementary/junior high, and I always remember looking up to Taryn because she would always perform in the school talent shows and she had such a great voice at a young age!  Such amazing memories that I will carry with me for life!  I’m sure Taryn & I will always cross musical paths.

What makes this show even greater is that it will be all taped live by Michael Rodgers!  Michael does free filming for Nova Scotian artists and gives them the chance to have amazing promo material to further their careers.  I am so grateful that he has agreed to be a part of this night, as well as the two ladies that will be by my side!

You can check out any dates in Halifax/Ontario on my “Shows” page!
Love Always,