HoneyJam 2017

19884168_1531876050220321_469433957464201747_n.jpgI am so honoured and grateful to have been chosen to participate in HoneyJam 2017 at The Mod Club Theatre in Toronto this August.

With HoneyJam I get to take part in some amazing opportunities, including the chance to

  • attend a free music industry workshop at Harris Institute
  • receive one-on-one vocal and performance coaching from celebrity coach Elaine Overholt of Big Voice Studios
  • have their original songs played on Radio
  • promotion on Honeyjam.com for 1 year
  • participate in a mentor cafe
  • participate in a presentation and tour of the youtube/Google offices
  • attend a presentation and tour of the Junos/Caras/Music Cares Office

As well as I will get the chance to perform my song “Just To Have You With Me” with the amazing house band.  I have never worked with a band outside of Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic on my original music so this is definitely an exciting thing for me!  I love hearing what other people have to say about my music, as well as everyone in the house band is a professional working musician – so I’ll definitely be picking their brains!

I also recently found out that some of my family will be flying up from Halifax to see the show and that truly makes my heart melt!  I’ll have a piece of home in the audience which makes this experience all the better.

Thanks so much HoneyJam for allowing me to be a part of the family!  I can’t wait!

I also wanted to share some details on my trip to Halifax coming up in a few weeks!  I have two gigs booked at my two favourite local venues, with some amazing artists involved!  the union ofFirstly will be at The Anchor with my best friend Nico Zacariah, drummer of Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic.  He is new to performing solo, as well as I’ve never heard him do his thing yet so I am beyond excited and honoured that he has agreed to take part in this gig.  Something crazy about this gig is that I will be flying into Halifax as Nico is on stage!!  I have an airport pick up at the moment he gets on stage… and have to rush to the gig to make it there in time for my set.  I’ve never had to get off of a plane and play a gig immediately before.. so let’s just say I’m pretty excited to live the fast life.

Following this gig, I will be travelling to Prince Edward Island for my family reunion that only happens every 10 years – so it will be wonderful to see my entire massive family for a weekend of hay bale bonfires and BBQ!

Untitled design

Upon returning to Halifax, I will be going for an interview on GlobalTv Halifax to speak about HoneyJam and all of the amazing opportunities involved, as well as speak about the next gig that will be coming up the next night!

I have asked two amazing female vocalists from Halifax to join me in a night of acoustic joy at a place that has been extremely close to my heart the last two years: The Carleton Music Bar & Grill.  This place has been my home with Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic, as well as I lived above it for the last two years so I became pretty close with the staff.  Travelling home to Halifax for any amount of time just wouldn’t seem right without playing a gig @ The Carleton.

I have entitled this show “Goddess’ Of Halifax” as each of us are strong female vocalists and of course… strong women looking to inspire the world.  Featured will be me, of course, Jah’Mila, & Taryn Dene!  I have never had the chance to play a gig with Jah’Mila so I am super honoured to share the stage.  Jah'Mila.png

And when it comes to Taryn… we go way back.  A lot further back than most people realize.  We went to school together way back in elementary/junior high, and I always remember looking up to Taryn because she would always perform in the school talent shows and she had such a great voice at a young age!  Such amazing memories that I will carry with me for life!  I’m sure Taryn & I will always cross musical paths.

What makes this show even greater is that it will be all taped live by Michael Rodgers!  Michael does free filming for Nova Scotian artists and gives them the chance to have amazing promo material to further their careers.  I am so grateful that he has agreed to be a part of this night, as well as the two ladies that will be by my side!

You can check out any dates in Halifax/Ontario on my “Shows” page!
Love Always,




Easy Does It

Normally I keep this blog to music-related posts/videos… but today, I need to take some time and write out a personal blog that everyone can relate to in some way, I’m sure of it.  Just because I can, and I love telling stories with great conclusions – I’m going to go way into the back story of how this entire situation has come to what has happened to me today.  You’re in for a read… but it’s a good one.  So I hope you enjoy.

With moving to Ontario from Halifax, I obviously was out of a job.  In fact.. I didn’t have a job when I left Halifax, I’ll be honest.  So upon coming here – it was my goal to get a job immediately.. and I sort of did.  I got hired at the mall by my house within the first two to three weeks and I was beyond excited.  The manager was even going as far as telling me he was going to make me assistant manager… on my second day.  Naive little me believed this and put all of my trust into this job.  I worked Monday-Thursday… come in on Friday morning and he tells me I’m fired with no explanation.  His demeanour completely changed within 14 hours… and I had done nothing wrong.  I was devastated.  I had put all of my eggs into one basket and he crushed that shit real quick.

So there I was.  Left without a job again.  The whole reason of coming up here was to work work work and make amends with people I had fucked over in the past… and in general to become a more responsible and mature person.  I felt as if Halifax was filled with so many reasons to not care, so many vices.  Of course it wasn’t the city itself.. Halifax is amazing – but it was the life and the circles that I had created for myself that I was allowing to constantly drag me down.  The only way out was to get out.  Which I achieved, step one.

Either way – I ended up getting another job a few weeks later.  Not only was this job more hands on and exciting (I need to be constantly stimulated.. especially in a job), but it was steady.  40 hours a week no matter what…. and the option of more hours after training had been completed.  I am still there today.. loving it.  It is definitely stressful as it is a call centre and there is a lot to learn… but the fact that I go to work 5 days a week and know at the end of every 2nd week I’ll be getting a paycheque that is going to cover rent, food, & debts… it’s a massive deal to me.  With that, I have been paying necessities of course.. as well as slowly paying off debts from my past that are very important debts to be paid.  That’s all fine and dandy.  Things take time and I think I am doing very well on that front.  I am starting to budget and spend my money only on needs… not so much on wants.  Though I can’t lie I totally splurged on a $6 smoothie the other day.  I had to.

So last night I make a plan that today I will be going to get some groceries for the rest of the week until my next paycheque.  I checked my account and I had $90. Over the last two years I have become a master of getting massive grocery loads with a measly $40… so I head to the bank first and attempt to pull out $40.  The bank machine tells me no… so naturally, not thinking anything of it – I head to the teller.  When the teller pulls up my account… she informs me that I have $32 left.  I immediately start to panic.  I knew exactly what it was… but I was still shocked because there was no reason why I would have been charged that much in fees.  $90 to $32 is a lot of bank fees.

You see… I honestly don’t believe in paying for banks.  I think its truly disgusting and meaningless…. but when you have a job that does direct deposit.. you don’t have much of a choice.  As well as when you are as terrible with cash money as I am… it’s better for me to have a debit card (at least somewhat) because it causes me to actually think before I purchase.  So two months ago I decided there is no reason I should be paying $14 to keep a bank account, as well as I couldn’t afford it, honestly.  So, I called into my bank and got myself on the $4 plan that allows only 12 free transactions a month.  If you go over the limit, you get charged $1.50 per transaction… which all gets taken out of your account at the end of the month with bank fees.  Of course… I go over it last month… not by much.. but still… so I called in and switched to the $10.95 plan, but I am told that if I call a week before the end of this month… I am able to switch back to the $4 plan and that will be my only charge on the account for this month.  So of course I do that, and when I call in.. I make it a priority to ask the agent if that means my June transactions will be reset from then until the end of the month.  He tells me yes.  So… I get my next pay a few days later and I’m buying groceries on debit, tim hortons, taking cash out of machine for rent.  I’m doing it all because I have been told I am reset with 12 transactions and I’ve only got a week to wait until it is reset again.. so 12 transactions is enough to get me through the week.

So lets just say I almost started crying and begged the teller “Please help me, that is all the money I have until my next paycheque like I need this I would have never ever made ANY transactions if the agent wouldn’t have told me my account would be reset.”  She ended up getting a manager to take me into her office and tell her the whole story of what happened… and that’s when one of the most insane things that has ever happened in my life occurred.

She looks at me, with soul and tears in her eyes and says look… “You are young, you are just starting out.. I can see you are trying to get your life together… I see your paycheques are coming in.. I know you are not lying and I can see you are really trying… this is what I’m going to do.” (at this point I’m holding back tears).. she says “We are putting you on the 10.95 plan with 30 transactions… but I am waiving the fees every month until October to give you a chance to set a goal of only making 30 transactions a month and succeeding” (Now I’m crying)… “I am also going to give you back the money that they took out for your overcharge fees.. but it will not be able to be done until Tuesday because it’s the last day of the month.”  She looks at me deep into my soul and finally says “Look… I was kicked out of my house when I was 19… I was on the streets… then one day I got an offering for a part time job in a BMO call centre.  I worked my way up and didn’t give up, got into a full time position.. and now here I am.. 34 years old and have my own office and a job that sustains my life.”  She gets up and gives me a hug.  She was so kind.  I am weeping now.  I had never had someone give me a gift that was so filled with truth, with understanding.  So I ask her.. “Ok… so I can take out the $30 thats left and it wont charge me?”  She laughs and says yes you are fine.

I go back to the teller and ask her to take out the remaining $30.   Then I correct myself and say actually.. I might as well just take out the $32 because I have to get on the bus.  She then looks at me and makes a surprised face.  I’m like oh god what happened now.  She says to me “Lindsay, you have a credit in your account of $68 dollars.  You now have 100 dollars.”  I start crying again.  Actually, weeping.  The manager really put a credit into my account because she understood that I AM trying.  I’m doing everything in my power to make my life what it should be… and she didn’t judge me that it is taking me time to do this.  She didn’t judge me about my past… although she didn’t know it – I feel some part of her had a slight idea that I had been down a rough road.  She believed in me.  She did this because I’m sure when she was my age… she had wished that someone would have done something like this for her.  So the teller asked me … “Would you like to take out more than $32, then?”  I replied with “I will take out $40 and that is it.”  She gave me a kleenex and said you “You’ve got this Lindsay.  You can DO this.  If you need any assistance EVER with your bank account… we are here to help.  We will ALWAYS do what we can to make things possible for you.  Please come back and visit.”

I am in shock, disbelief, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  I have never in my life been treated with such respect and with such care by a public establishment, especially a bank.  I am so thankful, grateful, and humbled by this experience.  I will never forget it.

From this experience I’ve learned that I really need to take a step back in my life and work on things, and not give up.  To me, this was the God of my understanding’s way of saying to me “Keep going Lindsay.. do not stop.  You’ve TRULY got this.”  It’s not about the money.  It’s about the fact that she looked deeper than just the surface.  She looked into my eyes and saw that I AM working on myself and I am taking charge of my responsibilities.  She gave me a chance and that’s all someone can ever ask for.

This is not the place to get too deep into my personal life – but I have made some interesting choices within the last two years of my life.  I am now currently doing everything in my power to make amends with people that my choices have affected, as well as give myself a chance to move on and do life properly.  I am succeeding in this – but one thing I must say to anyone reading this post.  If you have someone in your life that continues to make bad decisions and mistakes… when they stop making mistakes, and when they start actually trying and really doing.. give them space to breathe.  If you were affected by their actions – you have the right to make sure that they don’t forget what amends they need to make with you… but jumping down someone’s throat when they are TRULY doing their best for the first time is not the way to be.  It sucks to wait for your share of the cake when someone has taken your piece… but I promise you… with great patience.. it will be MUCH more worth it and sincere.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope that this can maybe shed light on a situation you may be in, or maybe help you consider how someone else is feeling in a situation they are in.

Today I have learned that the saying from Alcoholics Anonymous that my aunt always preached to me is right.  “Easy Does It.”


Take Your Time

Hello everyone!  Today I’ve recorded a simple little video of me singing my tune “Take Your Time” which highlights the fact that over everything else, love is the best thing in life and sometimes we may forget that… but when we come back to love.. it’s ALWAYS better than anything negative.  This message has saved my life – and I hope that maybe it can help others as well.  This song can be relatable to anyone who has dealt with ANYTHING negative and is looking to conquer it.  The title “Take Your Time” comes from the fact that sometimes… I know I have… we rush things.  It is important to realize that fixing mistakes takes time.  Mistakes seem to be made instantaneously.. but fixing them comes with great patience, hard work, and taking your time.

As for what’s up with me…  I’ve got an insane two months coming up and I am BEYOND excited!  Coming up this July I will be in and out of Toronto doing a bunch of conferences & visits to different places around TO with HoneyJam, I will be returning to Halifax and playing TWO gigs… as well as I’ve got some stuff happening as soon as I return back to Ontario.

For now I’ll leave you with the upcoming gigs.. I hope to see you @ some of them!

JULY 2017
LINDSAY MISINER @ The Anchor ft. Nico Zacariah Solo!
July 27th, 2017 ~ 8pm
The Anchor, Dutch Village Road, HALIFAX

LINDSAY MISINER @ THE CARLETON w. Mellodora & Taryn Dene
August 2nd, 2017 ~ 8pm
The Carleton, Halifax, NS

August 18th, 2017 ~ 9pm
Skyland Club, St. Catharine’s, Ontario

August 24th, 2017 ~ 8pm
The Mod Club Theatre, Toronto, Ontario


LINDSAY MISINER.pngWOW WOW… OH WOW!!!  I got one of the best calls of my life today.  I have made it to the 2nd and final round of the HoneyJam Canada Female Concert!!!  Hundreds of auditions throughout Canada… and me… Lindsay Misiner made top 15.  This is surreal.  I am so honoured and grateful to have been chosen.

I have already won some life changing prizes through just making it to the second round… but it doesn’t stop there!  I have a lot of opportunity waiting for me on the other side of July and I am BEYOND excited.

I will be performing in the final concert on August 24th @ The Mod Club Theatre in Downtown Toronto.  Tickets are $20 and the venue is stellar.  I am so honoured.

Out of all of Canada… I’m in the top 15.  I’m laying in my bed writing this blog post shaking.  I am so excited to represent Nova Scotia, my beautiful home.


hihHey everyone.  Today I write to you from a place of peace.  I write to you as a person who has gone through some crazy situations in their life, and has come out on top.. continuing to rise above.  These last two years have been nothing short of amazing, intense, negative at times, but also one of the greatest blessings I will ever receive.

Ever since I was a young singer, I wanted to start a band like Janis Joplin.  She was always my inspiration from a young age.  So, when I got out of Music College with the skills to run a band – I did it.  And I went big.  I didn’t just create a 4 piece band… I created a 9 piece band, because that is what I wanted.  Two guitars, bass, drums, 3 piece horn section, 6 part vocal harmonies – we had it all.  It was my greatest dream to date, and it happened.  I fucking did it.. and in two years, I made a lot happen for us.  But during those two years, I was growing up, learning new things, ignoring other things – I was going through my early 20’s like any human being should.  Maybe I got a little crazier than some.. but hey, I’m an artist – we’re supposed to be insane, right?  haha  Below you can check out the first released video from our Live Show Taping @ The Carleton back in March!

Either way, over the two years of being with my band, I made some decisions that weren’t exactly healthy for myself, or the people who were in my band with me.  I’ve got to be honest with you all because I want you all to know why I’m where I’m at right now.  So when I had the chance to move to Ontario and create a life for myself away from all of my vices, I took it and ran.  I had plans on coming back… but it became clear to me that if I were to move back – I would fall into the same old habits that I had become accustomed to in Halifax.  It has nothing to do with my city.  I love Halifax and I will be returning.  Halifax gave me so much and it is my place of birth.. I know it like the back of my hand.  But the opportunity that I saw in Ontario was much greater.  Ever since I was 10 years old I wanted to move to Ontario to pursue my music.. and I knew that in the coming years it would happen – I just didn’t know when and who it would be with.  For the last two years I assumed that this move would be with my band – but as time moved on and situations changed, here I am – in Ontario, going back to my solo roots.

You see – some of you may not know this, but I started out as a solo musician.  I have been performing since the age of 10 years old and I picked up the guitar at age 12.  After that, I started playing local bars, participated in competitions (one of them being the 2013 ECMW Battle of the Bands where I took home 1st place!), and went into NSCC Music Arts with performance, songwriting, & recording experience behind me.  I came into that program as a strong artist, but I soon failed due to my lack of drive to do the school work portion.  What I did gain from my time in the program is even more performance experience than before, connections, & skills on how to make connections within the local industry and beyond.  Not all was lost, I learned a lot and made amazing friends and connections for life.  I also learned music business from an amazing teacher that has gotten me to where I am today.  I may go back to complete the program someday, but for now I think I’m fine.

Either way – now I’m here.  In Ontario, alone.  No band to back me up… just me and my guitar.  I gotta say – the firs two months I was here it was truly terrifying.  I didn’t want to accept that it was best for me to part ways with the band for the moment.  As well as we had to cancel all of our NS & NB festival dates for this summer because it is truly not a healthy environment for me to be in at this point in my life.  But with time, the band now understands what it is I am doing.  So I wouldn’t say that Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic is over – I’m saying that we are on a hiatus.

With that – it is now time that I return all of my social media back to Lindsay Misiner.  I will still be leaving all of my bands content on this website and on our other pages – but I need to take this step forward and the band understands.

So welcome to the newly revised LINDSAY MISINER website!!!!!!  I am so excited to move forward in my journey and experience the amazing music scene that ALL of Ontario has to offer!  Below are some self portraits I snapped yesterday while I was in Downtown Toronto.


Halifax to Toronto

Hey everyone!  Lindsay here!  I am coming to you today with some super exciting news!  I will be travelling to Toronto THIS FRIDAY (April 7th) to attend Canadian Music Week, as well as work with some amazing artists and to play some great gigs at venues I have never played at before!  I am taking this trip without the band for now.. as I would like to set up a for sure plan for the entire band to join me in Toronto in the fall.  I will be in Toronto for about two months… and then I will be back in the Maritimes for our annual festival tour!  We’ve got a lot of things on the go right now… with the amazing live show taping we did a few weeks ago at The Carleton to an out-the-door audience… we are planning planning planning on how we will unleash this beautiful madness to you all!  Please stay tuned for further information!

With that, I will grace you with the first festival lineup we’ve been announced on!  Midsummer Madness!  We had so much fun at this festival last year and we are beyond excited to join in on it again!

I will be keeping in touch with you all through this blog during my travels in Toronto!  I am so freaking excited!!  It has been 2 whole years of the band never being apart.. so this is somewhat of a crazy time for us… but I know deep in my soul that this is the right move as it is important to me to expand my music throughout Canada, not just in Halifax.

Talk to you all soon!
Love always,

Holy Shit!!

Last night we played to a packed house @ The Carleton.  The door had a lineup of people waiting in the fucking snow… just to see us.  We are in shock, disbelief, and are flooded with gratitude.  This is what we’ve been working for… and damn has it delivered.  We are so excited to be moving forward from here with the video content from last night – and you can catch us again next Saturday @ Stayners Wharf on the waterfront!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS WE LOVE YOU.


lindsaymisiner2019THIS FRIDAY we are playing a show @ The Carleton & we will be LIVE TAPING IT!!!  We Want YOU to be in the footage… so come on out!  As well as it’s FREEEEEE!!!  So you ain’t got no reason to not come out yall!  See you there with yo flashy self!

Doors @ 9
Show starts at 930pm with acoustic set from Lindsay
Lazeez, up-and-coming local Jazz/Neo-Soul/Funk/R&B band will be hightening up the night with some magical grooves at 1015pm
Andddddd.. Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic will be hitting the stage at 11pm!  A full Friday’s night full of beauty and soul gripping sounds.

Much Love,
7th Mystic Fam


Learning to Chuck that Ego!

Hello everyone!  Lindsay here!  Today I wanted to talk with you about a subject that is very close to my soul, my heart, my everything.  This subject is Halifax, my beautiful city, and the music community that lives here.  I want to take you through my experiences, thoughts, and my future hopes for our thriving musical scene.  I will be addressing some concerns, some more thoughts, and other people’s opinions and questions about what exactly this music community is all about.  As a disclaimer, I would like to mention that there is no way to learn unless you have an open heart that is willing to grow and you are willing to ask questions.  So here we go.

This morning I was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, when I saw a post that said something like this:

“I’m so tired of this City and I’m sick of trying to help it.”

This post was written by a musician in the Halifax community toward the people who are working in the Industry, and I guess.. people who are doing better around the city music-wise when it comes to gigs, money, & connections.  I then read through the comments, which consisted of some people saying “Fuck yeah I agree!”, and some saying things like “You’ve got to try harder, you’ve got to keep pushing.”  There are always two sides to any argument.. and when it comes to this particular “argument” if I may call it that – we have some very opinionated folk around here.  I have been one of these very opinionated folks, and it has gotten me in trouble in the past.  I have completely butchered good connections around this city because I felt as if I was being treated unfairly, or as if I was being ignored on purpose.  Which let me tell you… ain’t the case.  I can’t exactly speak on being treated unfairly – because it has happened and it always will happen.  This is how the world has always worked, and it takes people who are educated within their communities (I’m talkin’ obviously basic education, but beyond that – social awareness) to stand up for themselves in the proper way, and then move on to changing things, if need be, from there.  Nothing will change with a bunch of hot-headed, ignorant people just blabbing on about bullshit that really doesn’t matter.

So with that – I must bring up the big picture here.  In no way am I bashing the person who wrote that post.  I’ve been that person, and sometimes I still want to be that person.  I want to write a post on social media saying “WHO THE FUCK IS RUNNING THIS SHIT?!?!?”  Trust me, it a real thing, these are valid feelings.  What the deal is here though, especially in the Halifax Music community (and truly, I’d imagine every arts community around the globe) – They want to work with people who are ready.  Being ready doesn’t always mean being a millionaire who has a studio in their basement since they were 5, and have recorded album after album for free because their parents were already accomplished artists (just a random scenario).  Although it sometimes feels as if that’s the expectation.  Being ready means yes, sometimes having more resources than others (because you have worked for them), and can possibly mean being more financially stable than the average joe at times – but being ready really means that you give a shit.  You have educated yourself on your craft, you have made yourself aware and available to and for the people who you know you need to connect with, you are building connections with the venues that will become more and more important as time goes on, as well as learning how to conduct yourself as a business person.  They want to work with someone who isn’t a hot-head.  They want to work with artists that can come to practices, gigs, shows & meetings on time and not be wacked out of their fucking tree.  They want to work with people who seem to somehow already know what they are doing, not with a cocky attitude, but an air of “I have educated myself enough in this business that when you talk to me, I understand what you’re saying, as well as I am open to learning and taking your suggestions… and then moving on with you as a business partner, from there.”

This is where I struggled for such a long time.  I even went to music college, was told to not be a hot-headed mess… AND STILL ACTED LIKE A FOOL!!  I felt as if the music community owed me something because I was just Oh-so-talented.  I still believe strongly in my talent… but ain’t nobody owe me NOTHING!!!  I owe it all to myself.  I owe myself the respect and dignity of respecting people who have come before me, who have worked harder than I have yet, and who have gone through the kicks and punches and have become successful.  These people have worked their asses off to be where they are.  They didn’t just get there by looking pretty.  These people WANT to help you.  But you have to be willing to accept the help, as well as ask for it… in a proper manner.  You have to be willing to take that ego and throw it out the damn window!  This isn’t easy.. but let me tell ya… it’s worth it 100%.

Being an artist is a tough profession.  You don’t just wake up one day with a million dollars in your bank account and ready to go on a world tour.  It just doesn’t work like that… and if it did, I’m sure we’d all be mentally insane by the time our 2nd world tour rolled around.  You NEED to learn, you MUST gain experience to move forward, and you HAVE TO be willing to take advice from the folks who have done exactly what you are trying to do.

With that, I think that this city could take another step in helping people to understand this.  I had to learn this yes, from other people who have been there, such as the teachers in my college and other musicians around the city… but I have also learned a lot from trial and error.  Like I said, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in this community and have done some pretty dumb things that have ruined connections, or at least skewed them.  So really, I am grateful for my mistakes because without them… I’m sure I wouldn’t have smartened up in time.  Anyone can give you advice, but until you actually apply it, or in my case – make mistakes and go through the motions… you ain’t gonna get it.  What I think the arts community of Halifax could do to help up-and-coming musicians with this is talk about it more.  Write more blog posts, news articles, tutorial videos about situations and scenarios such as this and allow for people to have the simple resource of learning to understand that this is the way it is.  It is difficult to have these resources sometimes because most things cost money, everything costs a lot of effort… but the main thing here is that there are thousands of people in this community trying to do the exact same thing as you. Which really, is truly wonderful.  But with that, we must remember that everyone needs positive attention, love, and appreciation… and it is next to impossible for one person, or a few people running the show to take the time out of their busy lives to cater to one specific person, or a few specific folks.  It’s not because you are disliked individually.. it is because we are all only human.  To aid someone else in their artistic endeavours, no matter the case, is not a simple task that can be done with the snap of a finger.  Investments are made when the drive is shown by the individual(s) who are wanting the assistance and guidance.  The definition of Community is:

A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

In Our case, we’re all artists in this artistic community, and that we will always have in common.  What we must remember is to build on these commonalities and recognize that through community we can create something much bigger than hate, judgement, and negativity, all together.

This is my piece.
Thanks for reading ya’ll.
Much Love,