How about you R&R in our B&B- (2).pngThis Friday morning I’ll be featured on Humble & Fred Radio on Sirius XM, Channel 168 @ 8am with an interview & life performance!  I am so very excited to be featured on Canada’s #1 morning show! Woo!  This will be my 2nd radio interview since moving to Toronto… so I’m excited for the next year to come as with my EP, I’ll have even more reason to be getting on radio which is truly one of my favourite things about being a musician.  There’s just something that feels good about sitting behind a mic talking about your art work and playing your songs to an audience that may have not heard you before.  It’s a blessing.

I will also be playing next Wednesday @ Plan B Beer Works in St. Catharine’s with Piero & Justin of a local band called Stereo Sunrise.  Thanks to John Lepp for making this happen as I am currently residing in St. Catharines and the music scene here is great, so I’m looking forward to becoming more and more a part of it as time goes on.

I wanted to share with you all some shots from my photo shoot with Ryan Brougj of Zeebrah Media the other day in Downtown Toronto.  He’s a great guy and a great photographer.  He worked with me really well which is always amazing in a photographer and he had some great suggestions for shots which really showed me that he actually cared and wanted to get a great shot.



So Much Excitement!

Wow!  This weekend is definitely jam-packed with some beautiful events & plans!  On Friday I’ll be heading into Union Station to play a set with some of the Honey Jam family @ York street Promenade from 3pm-6pm and then straight to the studio for my second EP session with Yogi DAAAAA Producer!!  Our first session was so unbelievable that I didn’t want to leave.  4 hours just wasn’t enough.. but that’s all we had booked at that time.  I was sad to leave as well as I knew that I wouldn’t get back to the studio for another 2 weeks… so lets just say that this Friday can’t come soon enough!  We created the most beautiful song I’ve ever had the opportunity of being a part of, so I can only imagine what the rest of the EP is going to sound like.

I will then be getting up on Saturday morning and heading to a Photo shoot with Ryan Brougj.  He’s originally from Nova Scotia which makes me really happy as theres always that Scotian connection that speaks volumes among East Coast artists.  We’ve got some interesting looks and locations planned, as well as I have been planning my outfit for two weeks now.. as I usually do.  I haven’t done a photo shoot in the longest time, since before last March, actually – so this is going to feel REALLY good.

Then, after the shoot I’ll be heading back to the studio with Yogi


for another session!  Thankfully I got two sessions in this weekend because like I said above, one session just wasn’t enough.  The magic that Yogi and I are capable of is almost scary… but it’s that good kind of scary that you want when you’re recording a debut solo EP.  It’s going to be FIRE I promise you all and I CANNOT WAIT to share it with everyone!!

I also wanted to share with everyone again what I’ll be doing for the rest of October.

How about you R&R in our B&B- (1).pngI will be having a live performance & interview on Humble & Fred radio on October 20th on Sirius XM Channel 168 @ 8am!  They are Canada’s TOP Morning radio show so I am blessed and honoured that they are having me on the show.  As well as I was supposed to be on the show back in August but I ended up getting sick, sending an email that they never got… so they were saying my name on the radio and they just thought that I never showed up.  I am so GRATEFUL that they even allowed me to come back on the show after that incident.  They have quite a sense of humour so I’m sure it will turn into a joke when I’m on the show.  I also want to put a huge thank you out there to Diane Foy PR for being so kind and caring toward me and making so many amazing interviews happen for me!  She is truly a great PR agent and I’m happy to have gotten the chance to work with her.

I will also be performing in St. Catharines on October 25th at Plan B Beer Works Brewery!  This will be a great gig for me as the brewery definitely reminds me of home.  I am playing the gig with Piero & Justin from Stereo Sunrise, a local St. Catharines band.  Cover is free.  Come on out if you’re in town.




Love Always,


I’ll be heading to the studio this Saturday with Yogi to finally start my EP!!  The last few weeks some things have come up so we’ve had to post pone the first to sessions but this Saturday it is HAPPENING and I cannot be more blessed and excited!  I can barely contain it.  Yogi is such an amazing producer and I know he is going to take this to the MAJOR NEXT LEVEL.  

I also wanted to share this video made by Honey Jam 2017 Artist KARIS!  We all recorded 30sec videos of us thanking Ebonnie Rowe for the amazing opportunity and I can’t lie… I shed a tear.  It’s really sweet and you can tell how genuine and grateful all of us are for the experience she provided to us.

As well as on October 20th I will finally be featured on Humble & Fred radio as my appearance in August was cancelled due to me being sick.  I am so grateful that they have allowed me to come back for a second shot and I cannot wait to have fun with them!  They are the top morning show on Satellite radio in Canada so this is a huge honour, as well as I can tell their humor will really fit my personality so this is going to be a great time.  You can tune in on Sirius XM Channel 168 @ 8am Eastern Time!!  As well as I will be getting footage from the show to share with you all after the interview!

And to finish October off I’ve been given the opportunity to be a part of the Songwriters Series at Plan B Brewery in St. Catharines!  I am so very excited about this as the St. Catharines music community is so vibrant and this is definitely one of the first steps in being a part of it.  You can find all details on all upcoming gigs HERE.


Much Love Always,



Honey Jam is giving us the amazing opportunity to go on a trip to Barbados & to play in Honey Jam Barbados 2017!!!  Watch the video above to find out more!  I had a really great time making this video, as you can probably tell!!  Not only am I excited to possibly win the trip…. but I really love experiencing music from different places in the world so this opportunity has got me over the moon!

I will also be performing @ Mahtay Cafe in St. Catharines tomorrow night with Emma Lee Fleury!  You can view the event page HERE!
Mahtay Cafe (2)


Love Always,

What She Said!

Above is my full interview & performance on What She Said Talk on Jewel 88.5 Toronto from Sunday evening!  Thanks to the powerful women @ What She Said Talk, Christine & Kate for giving me this opportunity!

Speaking of powerful Women, I will be playing my 2nd gig at Mahtay Cafe in St. Catharines this Friday with Niagra Singer/Songwriter Emma Lee Fleury!  She is an extremely talented artist and I am honoured to share the stage with her, as well as meet her because I can already tell we’re going to get along very well through our messaging back and forth about the gig!  I am so very interested in meeting everyone in the St. Catharine’s Music Community so it’s always exciting for me to play a gig at Mahtay Cafe because it seems to be the hub for the Music Community here.
Mahtay Cafe (2).png

She has such a soft and enchanting voice!  Below is a small bio from our facebook event, as well as some links where you can see more of Emma:

Emma Lee Fleury is an earthling, musician and mixed media artist from niagara. Her band moonfox is an eclectic mix of strings and alt rock vibes.

Emma also sings and writes harmonies for Niagara band Fat Moth



Much Love Always,

It’s all UP from here!

The last few weeks have been crazy.  In a good way.  I’ve gotten amazing opportunities through Honey Jam including the concert, mentorship cafe, workshops and more.  LINDSAY MISINER (3)Also, I got the opportunity to have an interview on What She Said Talk Radio which will air TOMORROW NIGHT @ 10:50pm on Jewel 88.5 Toronto!  You can also live stream the show HERE if you can’t get the station.  In the interview I speak about Honey Jam of course, my band, as well as I play my tune “Just to Have You With Me”!  It was a great experience and following the radio show in the coming weeks I will have the full video to share with you guys!  I have always loved doing radio interviews, in fact – it’s one of my favourite parts about being a musician!  It is such a great way to reach people that may not have heard you before – as well as it’s a great way to get experience for the future.  As my career moves on I know radio interviews will become more prominent in my life and it is always important to be comfortable behind that mic!

I have also been planning my EP with YogiDaProducer!  We had a great skype meeting the other day and spoke about the release date, the sound I’m looking for, and we planned our first official writing/recording session for next week!  I am so excited to present you all with this project.  It is truly going to be the most beautiful piece of art I have ever created so far.  Every night I write ideas down.  I am practically living within this EP right now.  I need this to be amazing and I will not stop until its magical.

Along with that, I will be playing a gig here in St. Catharines next friday at Mahtay Cafe!  I had such a great time there back in July, as well as I got the opportunity to meet and play with Flynn & Ferrie – A Scottish trio on the end of a Canada-wide tour!  ROADTRIPThey were so kind and talented and they actually ended up staying overnight at my home.  Stay tuned in the coming months for a blog post featuring an interview with Flynn & Ferrie!  They had some great experiences on their tour and I’m super excited I got to sit down with them and get some tips for other musicians, including myself, who are looking to go on tour!  I also got the opportunity to have an interview with Spirit of The Wildfire from Nova Scotia who were stopping by for their tour a few weeks ago,  which will be coming in the coming months as well!  They were in the middle of their tour when they were in St. Catharines playing with me – so it’ll be interesting to compare the two perspectives of tours between Flynn & Ferrie and Spirit of The Wildfire!

You also may have noticed that I’ve been using the same photo for my blog cover and most of my promo lately!  This photo is from a shoot I did back in Halifax with Sarah Davison.  The shots are timeless and I just can’t get away from them!  They were actually taken in front of a cherry blossom tree in front of Mt. St. Vincent University!  You’d never know that was the location, as well as someday we do hope to re-create this photoshoot.

I will be working with some writers in the coming weeks to get my songwriting to the next level, as well as currently I am immersing myself in every style of music to get the best idea of what exact sound I want for the EP.  Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks on shows, the EP, as well as anything else that’s happening with me!  It’s all up from here, folks!

I’ve also come up with a logo.  Check it out below!


Honey Jam Concert


Wow!  The Honey Jam Concert was absoloutely amazing!!  I am so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to play on the Mod Club Theatre stage with 15 other amazing women!  It was such an honour to be a part of this showcase.  I could not be more grateful.  Please stay tuned for the professional video of my performance in the coming weeks!

I will be making an appearance on “What She Said Talk” Wednesday the 30th at 11am which you can catch on air on 88.5 Jewel Radio Toronto, Sept. 10th – 10:50pmLINDSAY MISINER (3).png

Not only that, but I will be having my FIRST EP recording session following my “What She Said Talk” interview on Wednesday with YogiDaProducer!!  I am so very excited to get this project going and I’ve got some amazing Scotian minds ready to pounce on the magic and get it going real good.  I can’t wait to show you all the sound I’ve been dreaming of.

Love always,

Chronicle Herald Article

Screenshot 2017-08-23 11.53.22.pngYou can read my article in The Chronicle Herald here:

“My higher goal with this music thing is to help people and give back and you can’t really do that unless you have the ‘power.’ That’s what I’m gunning for. That’s why I’m here. Within a month of being in Toronto I’m already in Honey Jam and being accepted in the industry — sitting at tables with managers and artist and repertoire reps — where in Nova Scotia I’d been trying for six years.”

“Her passion came through when she sang,” says Rowe. “She had a powerful voice and commanded the stage, and had a completely different style than any of the other artists trying out.”

Can you believe that The Honey Jam Concert is TOMORROW!!!!!!  I am heading in for my rehearsal @ The Rehearsal Factory today!! Stay tuned for updates!


Hey everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that there was a little bit of miscommunication with The Chronicle Herald and my article will be out THIS COMING WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23RD!!!  So… if you didn’t get a chance to grab a copy today that’s fine because now you can plan your new pick up route.  Sometimes these things happen.
Something I wanted to share with you all is how I dealt with the situation.  When I woke up this morning at 8am I went right to the Chronicle Herald website searching for my article and it wasn’t there.  I just assumed they hadn’t updated it online yet so I called my dad and he told me I wasn’t in it.  I started to panic a bit because Honey Jam is this THURSDAY and I had it in my head that The Chronicle Herald only printed on Monday, so I thought my chance was lost.  As well as I had been posting this on all of my social media platforms for the last two weeks pretty well so I immediately felt embarrased.  I quickly wrote the writer of the article that it wasn’t in today’s paper and he found out that it will be in on Wednesday – so all I did was let every social media outlet know that there was a miscommunication and it will be out on Wednesday.  I freaked out for a little bit… but I soon realized that I hadn’t missed my chance and that yes – it may feel embarrassing to post something on social media that doesn’t happen when you say it will – but this situation was out of my control and it was not embarrassing.  I did the best I could with what I had and that’s all that matters.  The reason I tell this story is because this situation can apply to many different scenarios in life and it is always important to remember to not put yourself down!!  As long as you do the best with what you have and what you know.. that’s all that matters!  Just keep doing your best!
Natural Body Scrub150ml - 5.07oz.png

I also have to say OMG WOW OMG!  THE HONEY JAM CONCERT IS IN 3 DAYS!!!  I can’t believe it!  We have been through so many amazing opportunities together and I have made some amazing friends!  I will be doing my rehearsal with Michael Sonnier on Wednesday and then my Mom & Sister will be travelling to Toronto on Thursday.. the day of the show!  I am so excited!!!  As well as I know I am in the Honey Jam family for life and I am so grateful that I was chosen for this opportunity!
20246392_1243102692502039_2536726743722133275_nI also had the opportunity to meet Jessie Reyez on Sunday, thanks to Honey Jam and DAIS Creative space!  It was amazing to meet her as just a few short years ago she was in the same spot as me.. and look at her now!  She is playing award shows/talk shows all over the place and she just simply can’t be stopped!  Her main tip was keep grinding, keep networking… don’t stop!!  You can do whatever it is that you want to accomplish and that means a lot coming from a female singer from Canada because it solidifies the fact that its true.  You truly can do whatever you want to do you just have to put the effort in.